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7 Ways to Lose Weight

Did You get a few extra pounds? Or even more, and much more? Do not worry, nothing is impossible for a person with intelligence and … with a bit of willpower. Our some simple but effective tips will help you keep your body in shape.


Tip 1:

So the first rule: eat less. There is less need. Put yourself a little less food than usual. Use small plates and eat slowly and slowly. Do not eat more and more. Just eat less!

Tip 2:

Move more. The more you move, the more energy your body spends. While cooking in the kitchen, do not be lazy to raise their hands several times. On the music – do dance and move while  dusting.

Tip 3:

Go on foot. Do not give up walks. Come out to one or two stops early, park the car, not under the office window, and at least for the next quarter. Every step taken brings you closer to the desired ideal.

Tip 4:

easy ways to lose weightDrink more water. Of course, tea, coffee, and juices – is also a liquid. But the best fluid for the
body is water. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. 
Gradually, your body becomes accustomed to consuming water instead of other drinks, you will not want to be something else. Of course, do not limit yourself around – treat yourself with a morning cup of coffee or tea, but try to drink less of these drinks during the day.

Tip 5:

Eat less salt. Most products (especially snacks salt cellarand fast food) contain too much salt, which does not allow water to circulate in our body. Reducing salt intake, you will not lose weight dramatically, but it will be easier for your body to get rid of excess water, which will undoubtedly have an impact on weight and body shape.

Tip 6:

Reduce consumption of spices. We forget that these foods have more calories. In addition, spices stimulate the appetite, so we want to eat more. If you are fond of spices, try to, at least, reduce their number in the food consumed.

Tip 7:

Do not eat at night. Try not to eat after the last main meal. Calories consumed late at night, are not used before you go to bed. Take something non-caloric. These simple rules actually work. Following them will help you to get in shape and you can enjoy beautiful surroundings around you.

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