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Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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9 Myths About Hair

Is it true that you need to frequently change the shampoo ? Find out the truth about hair and take care of them properly! Read the below 9 myths about hair.


9 Most Common Myths About Hair

Myth 1

Frequent haircuts accelerate hair growth. Actually: Human hair grows at a rate of 1-1.5 cm per month, regardless of the haircut. Hair growth can be accelerated a bit in the summer, but it bears no relation to the barber scissors and depends on the level of hormones. Frequent mowing can help in one – to get rid of split ends, making hair more healthy. 

Myth 2

Stress can cause hair loss. actually: Despite the fact that the hair always falls 50-100 hairs a day, a lot of stress can somewhat accelerate this process. Factors like stress include divorce, loss of a job or operation, as well as pregnancy.But if the cause of hair loss became similar factors, the hair starts to grow back in a few weeks. 

 Myth 3

Regular change of shampoo is essential for the health of your hair. Actually: It may seem that this is so, but experts do not recognize this fact. Hair can not distinguish one brand from another, as well as form the habit of a certain shampoo. Favorite shampoo will work from day to day, from month to month. If you have oily hair or very sticky styling products, once every two weeks is better to use special cleansing shampoo.


Myth 4

 Pull gray hair is a bad habit . It Can damage the scalp and carry infection or leave a scar.

Myth 5

Straight hair can not give volume. Actually: Five minutes in curlers under a hot dryer – everything you need to add volume to even the flat hair .

Myth 6

To rinse well with hair, need to apply shampoo twice. Actually: One thorough washing with a sufficient amount of shampoo is quite up to the task. 

Myth 7

Rinsing hair with ice water makes them shiny. Actually: It can help you wake up or make the hair more smooth to the touch, but is unlikely to affect their brilliance.

Myth 8

Staining causes serious damage to the hair. Actually Modern products – as a salon and home use – delicate enough not to damage your hair. On the contrary, some products contain more air conditioners that make hair even more manageable than before. 

Myth 9

Correct tools help heal dissected ends. It is advised to put on hair tools with silicone or beeswax. They make hair manageable, but their effect is based on the mechanical bonding, wearing a temporary effect. 

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