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How to Care of Your Beautiful Hair


Which Oils Should Use for Hair?

Sweet almond oil: soothing, nourishing & fortifying, quiet itching.
Olive Oil: nourishing and softening; strengthens dry, brittle hair.
Avocado Oil: softens, moisturizes & replenishes dry and dull hair promotes hair growth.
Coconut oil: Use sparingly to beautify the hair and make it shine.
Jojoba oil: regulates sebum production, revitalizes dry, brittle hair.
Grape seed oil: nourishes the hair fiber, excellent for thin, brittle or damaged hair.
Apricot kernel oil: revitalizes & tones, nourishes and softens dry hair.
Argan oil: to make hair shine and strengthen. Apply 30 minutes before shampooing.

Hair Care: Formal Styling

Our grandmothers moistened their curlers with beer to hold the curls and have shinier hair. Pour into a spray bottle of beer with the same amount of water. Spray on the rollers and let it dry. For a great hair rinse your Hair with water mixed with white vinegar or diluted lemon juice.

Mark of Dye on The Skin

To remove the mark of dye left on the skin after a home coloring, use a little cigarette ash on a paper towel and place it on the traces of dye.
Then clean with soap and rinse

Hair Care: Anti-dandruff Mask

Mix a dozen fresh nettle leaves.
Add two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix thoroughly and then apply this mask on your hair and massage the scalp.Leave on for ten minutes then rinse and your usual shampoo.

Some Useful Tips for Beautiful Hair

– Do not tie your hair every day
– Do not overtighten the elastic not compress
– Do not put gel on your hair
– Do not wash your hair every day, unless your hair greasy too quickly. Use natural products
– Rinse your hair with clean water after swimming in the sea
– Regularly change shampoo
– Your hair dryer should not be too close to your hair, not too hot
– Do not lend your brush or comb

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