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9 Causes of Minor Belly Button Pain 

Pain is something that nobody wants to experience. We experience many types of illnesses that occur in our body. Some of these are common or are experienced for the first time common. Belly button pain can be quite alarming and uncomfortable. This particular pain that feels dense. With bellybutton pain, you can not carry out your daily duties properly. One of the reasons that this pain is uncomfortable is that it does not go away even when you change your positions like sitting or lying down. It is also caused by putting on tight wear around the waist area.

To deal with belly button pain, you need to identify the cause of the pain and to know what you can do to treat the pain. When you ignore this pain, you will never know the real cause of the same. It is vital to note the type of pain that you are suffering in your belly, whether continuous or sharp and whether the pain is on and off.


Causes of Belly Button Pain

Reasons of Belly Button Pain –

From surgery

You are likely to experience a belly button pain particularly if you just had abdominal surgery. You can also experience some other side effects apart from the stomach pain.


For pregnant women, it is only natural to experience this pain due to the continuous stretching of their belly. Also, a particular belly button pain can indicate that the baby is undergoing difficulty in the womb therefore when the pain is acute it is of utmost importance to contact your caretaker immediately. Otherwise, if the pain is manageable, it is a sign of the body normalizing to the pregnancy.


Every so often it is common for various people to encounter short periods of Urinary Tract Infections. More so there are those who have a tendency of having one type of UTI namely Cystitis. However, this type of UTI moves to other areas of the body as it becomes critical.  To cure this, taking antibiotics is a good solution to this problem. The main symptom of this condition is a faint pain that is experienced around the belly button.

Bacterial Infections

Abdominal pain can be caused by Bacteria in the gut area. If the abdomen it slightly tenders it is an indication that there are bacteria present, and this causes pain. Other symptoms can be experienced with the pain. A doctor can prescribe antibiotics to make the bacteria’s.


An ulcer is caused by having too much acid in the stomach which corrodes the stomach lining leading to internal bleeding. Ulcers cause pain in the belly button area. When you eat particular foods, the pain accentuates.


Gallstones can easily go unnoticed until such a time when they are so severe leading to acute pain around the belly button area. The pain begins from the upper to the lower abdomen. The symptoms keep appearing and disappearing from time to time.

Pancreatic Problems

The pancreas regulates the quantity of sugar in our bodies is sufficient to keep us energized. Its symptoms are similar to those with diabetes. Other symptoms include nausea and headaches.

Disorder of the Small Intestine

Once the small intestines are infected the result is an acute pain in the abdominal area because they are directly below the abdominal area. This pain is felt instantaneously.


In the past, the appendicitis was not considered an important organ in the body but later it was discovered that it plays a vital role in the standard functioning of the human body. However, when infected can cause acute pain in the lower abdomen and when not attended to burst immediately to lead to critical issues.

A point to note about the above conditions is that a doctor may recommend lifestyle changes for the above situations, but some can only be corrected by undergoing surgery.

When To See Your Doctor

When you feel the belly button pain for more than three days and is accompanied by other symptoms, it is imperative to see your doctor.

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