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How Cucumber Diet is Good For Health

Cucumber diet is considered one of the most effective. That’s because eating cucumbers well stimulates digestion, normalizes water-salt balance, has a slight diuretic and laxative effect, cleanses the colon of toxins. Diet on cucumbers is good for slimming. We are talking about saving money because these vegetables in season are cheap enough.

Cucumber diet

The cucumber consists of  essentially of water and  is very low in calories. It has good effects on your health as well as reduce the deficiency of water in your body. In summer, it is good to take cucumber with a meal as well.

An important point: while taking cucumber diet it is necessary to exclude the use of salt or at its maximum limit. If cucumbers without salt you do not like, you can add lemon juice to refuel with spices.

Cucumber diet menu

  • For breakfast, the experts suggest diet of eating greens salad and cucumbers. It can fill with sour cream or low-fat unsweetened yogurt.
  • At lunchtime, it would be the best salad of Chinese cabbage and cucumber, seasoned with vegetable or olive oil. Bonus – a small piece of chicken breast cooked without salt.
  • Satisfy your hunger in the afternoon can be a salad of boiled eggs and cucumbers of the same, which is allowed to fill the low-fat sour cream. Plus – a slice of black bread.
  • Dinner at such diet should consist of a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers, which should fill a teaspoon of olive oil and lemon juice.

On cucumber diet drinks green tea and water throughout the day. Cucumber fulfills the requirement of water and minerals so you will not feel more thrust after taking this diet.

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