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Facials That Make Your Complexion Unmarked


Recipe # 1: Tighten Pores According to Skin Type

If you have a dull complexion and pores, do not panic! Here are few Facial Recipes that can help you for better results for complexion unmarked.

Method: Mix three tablespoons of honey with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Let stand fifteen minutes before rinsing with clean water. Honey will refine the texture of your skin while moisturizing the skin.

Tip: Instead rinse with clear water, use rose water or an infusion of elder or sage. These plants, purifying and astringent characteristics, are rich in antioxidants. They refine skin texture and participate in the regeneration of skin cells. Your complexion is radiant!

Recipe # 2: Moisturize Dry Skin

Mix the almond powder with half yogurt. Almond revives the complexion and can even be used in scrubs for a beauty effect tenfold.

Another beauty tip for Facial: Mix a half avocado with a tablespoon of olive oil and another of honey. Very nourishing, this homemade mask can also be used on dry hair.

Tip: To remove facial redness, cold-related example, prepare an infusion of chamomile (soothing and anti-inflammatory). Cool, and apply on your face with gauze. The effect is immediate!

Recipe # 3: Clean Oliy Skin

For combination or oily skin, the essential ingredient is the lemon juice that restores radiance to the complexion.

Instructions: Mix two tablespoons of pink clay (green clay and not too aggressive) with the juice of half a lemon. Let stand fifteen minutes before rinsing with clean water.

Another recipe: Cook shoots of nettle and adds a few drops of rose water or lemon juice. Allow to cool before applying the mixture on the skin, avoiding the eye area and lips. This recipe works the same hair care on oily hair!

Tip: For those whose acne is still a problem, the mask oatmeal is for you! Mix three tablespoons of a little water and cider vinegar. Let stand ten minutes. Rinse with rose water. The result is fantastic!

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