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Healthy Habits That Should Start After Thirty

Make a habit of healthy behavior, while you are still young. It is more likely that you will stick with them throughout their lives.


Find a workout that you will enjoy

Exercise improves mood, makes sleep better, helps maintain a healthy weight. But if you do not like, all these effects are much less likely.

Quit smoking (and generally better not start)

Smoking greatly increases the possibility of lung cancer and may even damage the brain. The study, published in 2012, said that ladies who defeated cravings to smoke before forty live (at least) 10 years longer than those who continue to smoke.

Move more

The longer you sit on a chair, the higher the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Some even warn about the dangers of “sedentary disease.” More frightening fact: the danger persists, you exercise regularly or not. Add more traffic to your day.

healthy life

Drink moderately

Do not consume more than 7 doses of alcoholic drinks per week and no more than three a day. More intense drinking can lead first to minor health problems, such as low energy, and spots on the skin. A heart attack can result in cancer or tumors.

Love your body

Note that it is not like when they reach their desired weight, but right now. Your body does a great job every day, even if the hostess is not thrilled with his kind.

Schedule regular meetings with friends

Moreover, it can help to relieve stress (which is important for mental and cardiac health),it is also suggested that the evening with her friends help the body burn more calories. Your health will be on top!

Learn how to cook at least a few delicious healthy meals

A recent study shows that if a person enjoys the food, it is much easier to stick to a healthy eating plan. No matter whether it is made for weight loss or just for good health . Learn new recipes!

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