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How Does Jogging Improves Memory

A study conducted by the University of Cambridge (UK), showed that good jogging affects not only the body but also jogging improves memory.

Regular jogging stimulates the production of new cells in the gray matter in the brain, which is responsible for memory. Explain this phenomenon, scientists still can not but say that the formation of new cells may be associated with increased blood flow or an increase in hormone levels.

Does Jogging Improves Memory?

The discovery was made by a team of experts led by neuroscientist Timothy Bussey. Scientists studied two groups of mice: one provided unrestricted access to the “vicious circle” and the second was completely deprived of the opportunity to run. A few days after the start of the experiment, both groups of rodents have been a series of tests on memory.
jogging benefits
On a computer screen, mice demonstrated two identical square. If the animal nose touched the left square, it has received the award in a lump of sugar; When choosing the right no reward was not supposed to. Initially squares located at a distance of 30 cm from each other. With each subsequent test, they approached until they were in close contact.
Mice “runners” were twice as likely chose the left square in comparison with the control group. While in the latter stages, when the distance between the squares is minimal, rodents, which was not available “squirrel cage” coped with the task much worse. And those who led an active life showed the best results, as well memorized previous experience thanks to new brain cells.
During the following tests sweet reward received mouse, choose the right square. And again excelled “runners”: they quickly realize that the test conditions have changed.
Analysis of tissue samples from the dentate gyrus of the brain in experimental showed that during the experiment runs at 24 km per day, the mice formed an average of 6000 new cells.
By the way, earlier studies have shown that in those who exercise regularly, depression symptoms disappear. In addition, exercise reduces stress levels, because they increase the production of the hormone, which promotes the formation of new brain cells.
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