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Some Prominent Causes of How Long do Periods Last

Even the thought of missing a period is scary. The question is How Long do Periods Last? The women after some time get habitual of getting periods so much that even a missed or delayed period scares them. However, this situation is pretty normal with most of the ladies. There are many underlying reasons behind a delayed or missed period which includes.

  • Medical issue
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Abortion
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress

These are some of the prominent reasons behind delayed periods but if it goes on for long then it is the time to seek medical advice from your doctor. There can be various reasons behind how long do periods last. In fact the longer period has nothing to be worried about because that happens with most of the women when they undergo stress or take medicines but the alarming situation arises if the longer periods arises due to the problems listed in the subsection.


Medical Abortion

Before undergoing a medical abortion you must discuss each and every perspective of it. The doctor must brief you about the shortcomings of the abortion and he must also inform you about the out comings. Don’t act like a lunatic creature when you have a longer or heavy period because that is a very obvious side effect of the abortion. You need to calm it down and handle the situation. The good news is that the menstrual cycle will return to normal after 2 or 3 cycles.


Miscarriage also leads to heavy and abnormal period pattern. There is no need to take medical advice if you are sure that miscarriage is the reason behind the menorrhagia. Miscarriage has nothing to do with any harmful situation. Almost 30% of the women get heavy and longer periods due to miscarriages. The menstrual cycle returns to normal after 2 to 3 months of periods.

Use of Pills

One of the major question behind How Long does Periods Last is the use of pills. Upon taking the pills your hormonal balance is utterly disturbed thus leading to menorrhagia. Pills can disturb or prolong the menstrual cycle to three years that may come back to normal when the pill is discontinued. So if you are taking any pills then you must prepare yourself for the situation.


It is one of the major reasons behind longer periods. Stress messes up with the hormones that keep your period in balance thus leading to imbalance. Women are prone to stress so they are mostly affected much by it. Sometimes the stress can even lead to missed periods. So under such situation, they need to find ways to tone down their long period after miscarriage

Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cyst is common is women who are about to reach their menopause stage. This is the time when women reach their 50’s and their cycle gets old to bleed. An ovarian cyst is a situation where heavy ovaries are filed mucous like secretion and ultimately it leads to heavy and abnormal bleeding. They might grow on their own without any external triggering factors

Gonorrhea or Chlamydia

The bacterial or virus infection can be dangerous because they not only infect the urinary tract but they also lead to longer or missed periods. This infection may lead to lead which may seem as the periods and continuous bleeding from the uterus may be taken as a misconception for periods. Under such situation, it is important to get it checked right away by your doctor. He will diagnose the major reason behind the longer periods. Under such situation, unprotected intercourse is totally prohibited as it will only worsen the situation.

Eating Dry Fruits

Anything that has an impact on the hormones leads to prolonging periods. Eating dry fruits can prolong periods because they have are warm in nature and they alter the hormones thus leading to heavy bleeding. Under some situation, it is ok to eat nuts like when you have had an abortion or you have given birth to a baby.

Use of Medication

There are many medications that can lead to heavy bleeding. The list is very tall but among them the most common ones are contraceptives. If you are taking oral contraceptives then you must be prepared for long and heavy bleeding. These are some of the reasons that prolong the periods. Thus the issue behind How Long do Periods Last is discussed above that can solve a lot of problems regarding it.

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