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How Long Does it Take to Pass a Kidney Stone?

Many of us might be wondering that of what material a kidney stone is formed or how it is formed? Well, to answer these questions a rock is formed by the deposition of uric acid. When uric acid precipitates it forms a crystalline material. Another issue which many people think that how long does it take to pass a kidney stone? The answer to this issue shall be explained in the subsection. These stones are the main underlying reasons behind the abdominal pain, hematuria and vomiting.


Risk Factors

One of the primary reasons behind a stone formation can be genetic variability or a family history. If your mother father or even grandparents had it, then you are on the verge of developing kidney stones. Research has revealed that formation of stones is more common in Asians than Americans.

People with gout are also on the point of developing kidney stones.  Patients with gout have increased uric acid levels which tend to crystallize and form kidney stones. Apart from these reasons, it is also found that pregnancy increases the risk of developing kidney stones. Some mechanisms has been proposed which are:

  • Decrease output of urine
  • Less intake of liquids
  • More excretion of calcium in blood

How are Kidney Stones Diagnosed?

Usually, the primary diagnosis is made on the intensity or severity of the abdominal pain. The pain due to kidney stone is unbearable and persistent. Another way to diagnose a stone is based on the difficulty to urinate. Stones obstruct the bladder thus making it difficult to pass the urine.

Differential Diagnostic Tests

The other way adopted by many doctors to diagnose a kidney stone is through tests. The major test is CT scan in which the stones are observed on a screen.

Apart from CT scan ultrasound or urine analysis is done to confirm the presence of kidney stones. The presence of blood is usually detected in the urine of patients with the kidney stone. Abdominal X-ray is also carried out to check the presence of kidney stones.

How Long Does it Take to Pass a Kidney Stone?

pass a kidney stone

The question that arises in the mind of many people is that how long does it take to pass a kidney stone? Well, the exact time is known, but still, many doctors say that it takes only two days to give a kidney only if you take a lot of fluids or liquids.

Apart from this if the patient is suffering from much pain, then NSAIDs are usually prescribed which not only reduces the kidney pain but also heals the inflammation of urinary tract. If the patient is not in the position to take oral medication, then IV injections are given.

Home Remedies

So far there are no scientifically approved home remedies present for the dissolution of kidney stones. Many people prefer the medication or surgery. It is also said the stones would pass into the urine on their own only if the patient is consuming much fluid. Nowadays a new technique is invented in which the stones are broken down by the laser. Which are then passed out into the urine?

Factor Affecting the Passing of Kidney Stones

  • Size of the Stone

    first signs of kidney stones

The primary factor that controls the passing of the stone is the size of the rock. Usually, a stone of 4 millimeters has higher chances of passing through the bladder on its own whereas a stone of 5 millimeters has only 20 percent chances. On the other hand stone of 10 millimeters cannot pass on own and has to undergo surgery.

  • Medication

There are many medications on the market that increase the passing of the kidney stones. These drugs include:

  • Nifedipine
  • Flomax
  • Amlodipine

These medicines are usually given to patients that are unable to pass to kidney stones on their own.


If the medications fail to dissolve the stones, then a surgical procedure is applied that is called as lithotripsy. In this procedure, the radiations are used to break down the bigger rocks into smaller pieces.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

This is also another procedure in which a small cut is made by using special equipment known as ureteroscope. This is exactly like the tube used in endoscopy.

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