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How to Gain Weight Safely and Quickly


How to Gain Weight?

Before making a plan to gain weight , it is essential to consult your doctor before to eliminate any medical cause that could be the cause of weight loss or failure to grow. The plan for weight gain can be offered to those without medical pathology and in particular against cardiovascular-indication. To find out more on how to gain weight safely read below.

Weight Gain

  • Weight gain of about two pounds per month is still a reasonable goal.
  • Observe the main meal of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Adopt a balanced diet.
  • Diversify food and eat everything.
  • Meals must be wealthy: do not hesitate to come back for more.
  • Consult a Physician

    • The notice of a general practitioner or a nutritionist is important, it will avoid mistakes.
  • Take About 500g/ Week

    • 500 calories more each day saves approximately 500 g per week.
  • Increase calories

    • Take a little more substantial after the advice of your physician meal.

Add Ingredients to High-Calorie

  • Do not hesitate to add butter or margarine to the dishes.
  • Eat meat and fish with a sauce.
  • Eat avocados, olives, nuts.
  • Eat cheese.
  • Put the mayonnaise in salads.
  • Add sour cream or eggs in a puree for example.
  • Put grated cheese on pasta, vegetables, soups, and soups.
  • Butter, oil, and sugar should still be eaten in moderation.
  • Do not eat one type of food such as sugars, for example.
  • Take the advice of his doctor to ensure the absence of cons-indications and evaluate the required number of pounds to take .


  • Snacks, taken during the day, increase the calorie intake.
  • Take several snacks during the day: 10/11h, 16/17h and 22/23h.

Make Moderate Physical Activity

  • The physical activity helps stimulate appetite.
  • Regularly practice a sport that appeals to all muscles like swimming or gymnastics, for example, to develop muscle mass.
  • Get enough sleep

    • Sleep a lot and at fixed times.
  • Do weight training

    • Strength training is probably the best way to take 2 or 3 pounds.
  • Stop smoking

    • Quitting smoking is obviously very beneficial to health but also because smoking cessation increases appetite.
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