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How To Get Rid Of Freckles Using Natural Home Remedies

Freckles can be defined as a flat, round, dark-colored spots that are the result of pigment change which makes the skin surrounding lighter in color. The brown skin pigment known as Melanin is also found in freckles. It is important to mention that the skin is completely healthy and therefore the spots are not felt and do not create lumps. The melanocyte is a unique cell that brings forth melanin. When you expose yourself to the sun, the sun, In turn, brings forth melanocyte which raises the amount of melanin and as the color passes through the pores the skin cells surrounding it can pick it up. This is the reason as to why the spots appear only in certain areas of the skin instead of the whole skin. It has been noted, that a majority of people Freckle mostly during the time that they are exposed to a lot of suns and for many that are during summer. In comparison during winter, when it is freezing the spots may just vanish altogether. Some may also disappear as people grow older. When it comes to skin complexions, those that have a darker skin complexion get fewer freckles when compared to those that have a light skin complexion. Freckles also happen to be genetic, meaning that if your parents had, then you are also guaranteed to have them. The good news is that there are several natural remedies on how to get rid of freckles.



Freckles can be described as brown spots that are flat and round that come up on the skin their sizes are not the same. The (ADD) or the American Association of Dermatologists notes that freckles are an indication of skin that has been harmed. Genetics, lack of balance in your hormones and being in too much sun are some of the factors that bring about freckles. Cosmetics that can treat and do away with freckles can certainly cost a fortune, but there are alternative natural home treatments. Freckles can spring forth from any part of the body, but it is generally in areas that are exposed to too much sun that they can be seen visibly.
Below are some tested and proven natural home treatments that provide you with a wide variety of choices on how to get rid of freckles naturally.


use of lemonLemon tops the list of those components that can be used as natural remedies not just for treatment of freckles but also for brown spots on the skin. The ability by lemon juice to lighten the skin or bleach the skin enables it to remove the dark spots on your skin application of lemon juice on the freckled part of the surface, and soothingly massaging those areas two times a day for a period can certainly be a first remedy on how to get rid of freckles. After massaging the affected areas should be left with lemon juice on them for 10 or 15 minutes, and after that rinsed with water that is neither hot nor cold. The other alternative, for the use of lemon as a remedy for freckles, is to have it cut into two halves and putting some one and a half teaspoon of sugar on it. For a few minutes, you should tenderly scrub your skin with the piece of lemon for a couple of minutes and then proceed to wash your skin with water. This kind of activity can be done two times every week on a habitual basis.


use sour creamSour milk contains lactic acid that is a great asset when it comes to the subject of getting rid of freckles. It is highly recommended for those that have very susceptible skins. On the area of the skin that is affected by blemishes, you apply the sour milk and leave it to dry for a very short period. It should then be wiped with a towel or tissue, but you should avoid rinsing it with water. It should be noted that a moisturizer should then be used and equally important is the fact that this treatment does not affect the skin by making the skin dry or irritating it. The treatment should be done once daily up to the time the freckles are no more. Yogurt can be used in the place of sour milk and unlike the first method you can also rinse the areas that have freckles with sour milk on a daily basis.


use buttermilkDue to the bleaching properties in Buttermilk freckles fade away as a result of the lightning from them. The buttermilk transforms the skin and makes it even and agile. The buttermilk is applied and left to rest for 19 minutes and then it is finally rinsed with water that is neither cold nor hot. It is suggested that the treatment can be carried two times a day for a couple of weeks. One more alternative for the use of butter as a treatment for freckles is by mixing the buttermilk and oatmeal and making a thick paste. The thick paste is then applied on the areas that have freckles, left for half an hour on those areas and finally washed away with water that is cold. For the very best results, this treatment should be a done once a week. Another alternative is to make a mixture of one teaspoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of buttermilk; the mixture should be applied on your skin and left on it for 10 minutes after which you should remove it by washing it with water. The buttermilk sums up the list of how to get rid of freckles permanently, and hopefully, there shall be no more head scratching about what to do concerning freckles.


use onionsDue to the exfoliative properties that are found in Sulfur that is found in onions, it is thus able to get rid of freckles quite quickly. For you to achieve the desired results, red onions are highly recommended. The red onion should be cut into thick slices then tenderly rubbed on the freckles two times a day. The red onion can also be grated, its juice extracted and gently applied on the areas with blemishes. This can be done for two times a day and to make the onion juice more effective a single teaspoon of vinegar should be added to it. The recommended time for this treatment is one or two weeks.


use papayaPapain is an enzyme that is found in papaya juice that offers a valuable treatment for freckles. It is important to mention that papain offers treatment for freckles by lightening the freckles. By using cotton wool, you should soothingly massage the patches of skin that have been affected by freckles with fresh papaya juice. After a short period of 10 minutes, the affected areas should be rinsed with cold water. With the papaya juice remedy, the question of how to get rid of freckles has been perfectly answered.


use honeyHoney has properties that cause it to lighten skin pigmentation and is said to be a great moisturizer to your skin. The honey should be mixed with water and heated a little in the microwave. The mixture should then be put on the freckled areas of the skin and then left to sit for a short period of not more than 10 minutes. The freckled areas should then be rinsed with water that is warm. This should be done daily over a period of a couple of weeks. Warm honey mixed with wheat germ can make a good herbal mask, which is then applied on the freckled areas. Rinsing should then be done using warm water and after that washing with cold water should be done. This process should be done for several months twice or thrice a week. A mixture of honey and yogurt, when applied on the freckles for half an hour daily, can also bring the desired results. The use of honey is a successful treatment for freckles.

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