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How to Lose Facial Fat For Slim Face


Lose Facial Fat

The advantage of having a little fat on your face is that your wrinkles will be less noticeable. However, nobody likes to have a round face and swollen with a double chin. But to lose facial fat, it will lose throughout the body. Also, do facial exercises can help you sculpt your facial features.



  • Eliminate alcohol from your daily diet – because alcohol can swell your face and avoid alcohol is helpful for lose facial fat
  • Drink more water to get rid of body fluids. Because when the body is dehydrated, it accumulates and stocks the least amount of water. This causes bloating. Your face becomes puffy, your hands and feet swell.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables because they are rich in water, which causes a feeling of satiety and prevents you from overeating.
  • Eat foods that are rich in calcium because it reduces water retention, which reduces bloating and swelling in your face.
  • Do not eat too much salt. Salt makes you store more fluids, which can make your face swollen.


  • Working with free weights because they will firm up your skin. If you lose weight and do not do strength training, your skin will be damaged.
  • Relax your lower lip over your bottom teeth – it is an exercise for double chin. Now open your mouth wide and move your lower jaw up and down.Repeat this exercise for a few minutes each day. Also, try chewing sugarless gum, because chewing repetitive motion reduces the size of your double chin.
  • Smiling – This helps to reduce the size of the cheeks. Smile and expose your teeth and smile and without doing so. This work your facial muscles.
  • Sleep well. Lack of sleep can also cause endocrine disruption, which affects the amount of fat you store and how much muscle you gain.
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