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Is Cinnamon Bad For Dogs? Or Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a herb that is found in almost every kitchen all over the world, its use cuts across nation’s cultures and races. Whenever Cinnamon is mentioned, what comes to mind is human beings and food. Rarely would one think of dogs. The only way that a dog can eat Cinnamon is when it is given food that remains after you have enjoyed your meal that had Cinnamon as one of its ingredients. Whether Cinnamon is bad or good for your dog is a question that bothers many dog owners. There are those who own dogs that eat any food that they come across whether in the house or within your compound, such people may have the concern as to whether their dogs shall get harmed by consuming food that contains Cinnamon.   Regarding the dog eating significant amounts of food that contains Cinnamon, quantity is another genuine concern for dog owners, as they wonder if consumption of those large sums of food is bad for their dogs. This happens to be an addition of another concern for dog owners on top of trying to get an answer to the question that was posed earlier is cinnamon bad for dogs?



Of all the concerns, the encouraging news is that dog owners need not be too concerned about whether Cinnamon is bad for their dogs unless they have consumed such large amounts. Further good news for dog owners is that even in a case where the dogs consume significant amounts of food containing Cinnamon the worst that can happen to them is either vomiting or diarrheaing, two things that assist the dogs to get rid of any amount of Cinnamon from their bodies. It is also important to mention that the vomiting and diarrheaing do not endanger the lives of the dogs. It is important to consider giving dog snacks or treats that have nutrients that their bodies can make use of.


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A significant point to make is that little amounts of Cinnamon cannot be harmful to a majority of dogs. For anyone who has already given Cinnamon to their dogs, whether fresh or in powder form or as part of their meal there should not be any cause for alarm concerning your dog’s health. The only thing that may challenge your dog may be a stomach upset that would come as a result of the dog consuming food that is unfamiliar with its digestive system. When preparing snacks for dogs that have cinnamon as one of its ingredients, it is important that you do so bearing in mind that they should be specifically intended for them. The answer to the above question is like a double edged sword meaning that is also helping to answer an earlier question asked by dog owners is cinnamon bad for dogs?


Although it is now certain that there is no cause for alarm concerning your dog consuming a certain amount of Cinnamon, it should also be noted that you do not have to go through the hassle of trying to give Cinnamon to your dog. Cinnamon cannot be said to be an important part of their meals when compared to meals for humans. It should never cross your mind to include Cinnamon in your dog’s diet; you do not need to. Dogs, unlike humans, do not care at all about their meals having spices or not. It has been noted that Cinnamon can have some positive health effects on dogs but a top class dog diet can never have a substitute.


The endorsement of Cinnamon to be part of the dog’s diet is a result of research carried out to ascertain the effects that Cinnamon has on humans. From the results of the study, those of the school of thought that Cinnamon should be included as part of the dog’s diet compare dogs and humans. The digestive systems of dog’s and humans are different thus how food is digested for both are equally different. It is also equally important to mention that dogs are carnivorous (meat or flesh eaters) whereas humans are omnivores (meat/flesh and plant eaters).  It can be correctly stated that although Cinnamon is a vital ingredient of our meals, there is no need for humans to consume it on a daily basis. So is cinnamon bad for dogs? Any study or research on the importance of Cinnamon as part of a dog’s diet are quite unreliable and at their best may just be opinions of a dog owner.

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