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Natural Blood Thinners For Better Blood Circulation

There is a great need for our blood to be thinned more so because the thinning of the blood is well able to prevent blood clots. Blood clots can turn out to be a severe health issue to the extent that they can cause death.

Blood clots can put your life in great danger especially because they hinder the flow of blood to critical body organs like the heart and more importantly the brain. Blood thinners restrain the blood cells known as platelets from clotting.

It is possible to have natural blood thinners from various food sources, which can bring down blood vessel swelling and the proteins that are known as C–reactive, which in turn drops the blood pressure and at the same time maintaining a proper flow of blood.

For those facing health challenges with their hearts and blood vessels that have got everything to do with the heart, or those that want to maintain the good health of their hearts can all turn to natural foods that have blood thinning abilities.

Although it is vital to use natural blood thinners, it is important to mention that they should be used with a lot of caution as they have the ability to bring about severe bleeding. The risk factor is however increased in cases where certain individuals are using some blood thinning medications or those that are predisposed to bleeding. Those on the verge of having surgery or those using medication that contains aspirin are required to consult their doctors before adding to their meals foods that have blood thinning abilities.


Types of Natural Blood Thinners

Foods that have high amounts of Vitamin E and those that have the acids that are known as salicylates, those with natural antibiotics and those that have Omega 3 acids that have fat in them all happen to be foods that have natural blood thinning properties. One of the substances that block Vitamin K effectively is the salicylates. Amongst the salicylates, the most recognized are the aspirin, but equally, many food substances also contain salicylates. There are those that are allergic and hypersensitive to salicylates and the only solution to their predicament is to combine the eating of foods containing salicylates with equally reasonable amounts of Vitamin K loaded foods. The clotting of the blood in the body is significantly hampered in the absence of Vitamin K that plays a critical role in the blood clotting process.

Fruits & Herbs

Various kinds of berries oranges and tangerines are some of the many kinds of fruits that also contain salicylates, and are effective natural blood thinners.

Peppermint, turmeric, and ginger are some of the herbs that contain a right amount of salicylates that provide natural blood thinners for the body.


Preservatives flavorings fruits and species are some of the food items that contain significant amounts of salicylates. Salicylates do the large work in your body of thinning your blood naturally while at the same time facilitating proper blood circulation and aiding active metabolism. These spices boost blood circulation which in turn brings up the body temperature hastens metabolism and leaves an individual with a warm feeling.  Aspirin is an ordinary salicylate that is readily available on the market.

Other items

Besides the herbs and the fruits, some other additional elements carry salicylates in them such as wine honey and interestingly chewing gum.

Turmeric is said to have the capacity to delay the onset of atherosclerosis through inhibiting the collection of bad cholesterol inside the blood vessels.

Cayenne pepper that is used for those that are recuperating from a heart attack, providing relief for those that are suffering from angina, combating blood clots is a blood thinner that is said to be efficient and contain properties that make it able to act fast.

Vitamin E Rich Foods

Vitamin E does the important work of averting excess oxidization that in turn promotes body reactions that are healthy. Some of the foods that contain Vitamin E and thus are good sources of salicylates include but are not limited to broccoli, papaya, and spinach.

Fats With Omega 3

Fats that contain acids that are obtained from Omega 3 can make the blood be less predisposed to clotting and are also able to bring down the levels of cholesterol in the body. The two sources of fish oil are either fatty fish or capsules that can be purchased from a drug store. Fatty acids from Omega 3 can divert blood clots while at the same time bringing down cholesterol levels. Some of the food sources of Omega 3 comprise of pumpkin seeds, olive oil, walnuts and Mackerel. Research has also shown that Omega 3 fats that contain acids can be possible remedies for depression and anxiety disorders. One of the greatest challenges when it comes to fish consumption is the fact that a majority of the fish that is consumed by many people contains significant amounts of mercury. For the above reason, therefore, experts are hesitant in advocating for the consumption of large quantities of sea food

Foods With Antibiotics

Research has indicated that a prolonged use of antibiotics eventually leads to the thinning of the blood. Some foods that contain natural antibiotic substances such as cinnamon and onions can also cause the thinning of the blood.  Honey that is pure and raw onions and cinnamon are some of the examples of foods that contain natural antibiotics. Vitamin K is an essential vitamin that aids in blood clotting; however certain natural antibiotics such as onions and garlic destroy the bacteria found in the intestines that create Vitamin K. Lack of Vitamin K can be caused by the use of medicinal antibiotics for an extended period of time that can end up causing serious bleeding challenges. Those that suffer Vitamin K deficiency shall have serious problems even when they consume little amounts of food that contain natural antibiotics such as Jicama or cinnamon.

Bromelain Enzyme

Pineapples contain an enzyme that is known as Bromelain that has both anti-swelling and antibiotic abilities. When it is taken on an empty stomach, it is capable of relieving pain that comes when a person is afflicted with arthritis. Bromelain is more efficient when it is consumed together with other natural blood thinners such as ginger and turmeric. Bromelain has properties that enable to be an effective digestive enzyme, thus able to break proteins and in turn prevents the creation of uric acid which is liable to the development of gout and particular kinds of kidney stones.


Of the many natural blood thinners that are in existence, water is said to be the most valuable amongst all of them. Dehydration is dangerous in the sense that it causes the blood to thicken and bundle together. For that reason, therefore, it is highly recommended that on a daily basis you are required to take water (half an ounce) equivalent to every single pound of your total body weight. Daily consumption of the necessary amounts of water, in turn, ensures the efficient circulation of blood in your body.

Other Kind of Blood Thinners

Exposure to Sunshine

When you expose your body to the sunshine, then that exposure enhances proper blood circulation and thins your blood too. This is as a result of vitamin that is assimilated into the body when you expose yourself to the sun.


According to studies carried out on individual athletes, it was concluded that vigorous activities resulted in the lowering of Vitamin K levels. The studies revealed that active athletes were at quite a high danger of lacking Vitamin K.

Avoiding The Blood Clotting Foods

Food that is rich in Vitamin K such as green vegetables and foods that contain live bacteria can integrate Vitamin K in the intestinal tract that eventually leads to the clotting of blood.

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