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Natural Remedies Against Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a natural phenomenon, but some people suffer from excessive sweating. In this case, the different deodorants are of no help, fortunately, there are several remedies against excessive sweating.

The human body secretes nearly 4 million sweat glands. These glands that can regulate the body temperature. Sweating is a natural phenomenon that allows the skin to cool.

To prevent excessive sweating, most people use deodorants, however for excessive sweating deodorants are not effective at all.

Indeed, excessive sweating also called hyperhidrosis is due to overactivity of the glands without any physical effort. It appears most often in the armpits, folds knee, feet or palms of hands.

Caution Reminder: whatever perspiration, sweat does not smell.

Firstly, to limit excessive and thus, fight against perspiration odors, you should follow a few guidelines:

  • Wash daily is essential for odor control. In the case of excessive sweating, it is advisable to wash in the morning and evening.
  • Waxing every week reduces the proliferation of bacteria thus reducing odors.
  • Focus washing with a soapy towel. It is much more effective than your hands.
  • Wear loose clothing and natural fibers such as cotton, silk or wool which will allow the skin to breathe better.
  • Pay attention to your diet. Indeed, certain foods such as onions, garlic, beer or hot spices promote odors.

Remedies Against Excessive Sweating

To tackle excessive sweating, there are all kinds of natural remedies, to apply or to swallow all are effective.

  • Lemon juice blocks the odor and helps to reduce excessive sweating. Cut the lemon in half or in slices and rub it on your armpits.
  • Cucumber has an astringent effect and tightens pores which reduce the production of sweat. Cut the cucumber into slices and rub them under your armpits. It takes several days to find a drop of perspiration.
  • Parsley can relieve excessive sweating. Indeed, chlorophyll helps absorb body odors. So chew parsley leaves during the day.
  • The orange blossom water with its soothing and relaxing properties fight against odors when applied locally.
  • Cider vinegar reduces sweating. Its astringent properties regulate sweating and antiseptic neutralize the proliferation of microbes. Apply the vinegar on your armpits before bed and let it dry.
  • The alum stone is a natural antiseptic that is frequently used in deodorants. It closes the pores of the skin and thereby regulates perspiration.
  • Aloe vera also has an astringent effect can tighten pores. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria which prevents odors and sweating. It also helps balance the pH of the skin.
  • Baking soda or sodium absorbs sweat and kills bacteria. You can add essential oils to make a deodorant.
  • Talcum Powder , the natural powder that absorbs and reduces maceration under the armpits. It is recommended to apply on clean skin, shaved and dry.
  • Sage helps regulate perspiration. Prepare a sage tea and drink several times a day. Sage is one of effective remedies against excessive sweating.

You can also get the bath or soak your feet in special recipes to reduce your excessive sweating.

  • Tomato juice helps to control excessive sweating. You can add two cups of tomato juice in your bath and then apply the tomato directly under your armpits for 15 minutes and rinse with water. This must be done every day to achieve positive results after 2 weeks.
  • Black tea is very effective for sweating. Indeed, let soak your feet in black tea (warm or cold) for 20 minutes 2 times a week and tannic acid in black tea will help you fight against this excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating sometimes comes from stress. In this case, you can try all the relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation or alternative medicine. It is also important to take breaks to relax during your workday.

There are also organic cosmetics to help you deal with sweating, as a bio or a deodorant foot cream.

Excessive sweating is a handicap for many people. These natural remedies against excessive sweating are certainly not completely eliminate the sweating but they will significantly decrease and allow you to find a better quality of life.

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