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Natural Remedies to Stop Snoring

When you snore, this is the mouth (tongue, back of the palate) and throat vibrating against our tonsils and adenoids. Several causes can – according to the doctors – explain this phenomenon. In overweight people (who are not followers of the slow food), for example, snoring is due to excess adipose tissue which then constrict the airways. In people who drink alcohol in the evening, just before sleeping, snoring is related precisely to this drink that relaxes the muscles, thus causing sagging tissues. This phenomenon is also found in consumers of sleeping pills or muscle relaxants people.

Natural Remedies to Stop Snoring

For those who regularly congested nose, or suffer from allergic rhinitis, nose inflamed tissue and mucus prevent proper air circulation thus causing vibration of the palate and throat. For each of these cases, there are remedies, plants, essential oils that can help you to stop your snoring. Obviously, there is no miracle solution, 100% effective but more that positive results can be felt gradual.

Essential Oils to Facilitate Breathing

Broadcasts or regular inhalation and preferably in the evening essential oils of lavender, thyme and eucalyptus can help you snore less.

Essential oils can also be applied directly into the nostrils with a rod side. But under the supervision of an aromatherapist.

Also, some eucalyptus oil inhaled in a bowl of hot water drops are a good home remedy to clean the nasal passages and throat.

Essential Oils to Strengthen, Tighten the Soft Tissues of Throat.

For overweight people, or of a certain age, the essential oils of mint, lemon balm, and aloe vera to apply spray (available at most pharmacies) can help to strengthen the soft tissues of the throat.

It will also have people who are suffering from malformation of the nose (such as a deviated nasal septum) or there against by oils may not be sufficient; operation can sometimes be beneficial.

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