This privacy policy applies to the users and subscribers of http://firsthealthmag.com/outside the USA. It is governed by the USA Copyright Authority. In order to improve our customer services, we keep track of the data and information about our subscribers and users. This privacy policy will help you to know how and why we collect your personal information, use of your information and explain the choices you can make to protect your personal information.

Source of Information

Basically, we collect your personal information through different sources.

  • When you click on our website or subscribe to any of our services including; Newsfeeds, articles, live discussion forums, you may ask to submit your personally identifiable information such as; your name, age, profession etc. to carry on your activities.
  • The website may collect your personal or professional information offering free services or products via mail or sending newsletters.
  • We can collect your personal information for marketing and promotional campaigns via a third party.
  • When you visit our site, your non-identifiable personal information or log data including; your IP address, type, and version of your browser, operating system, location, time and date and duration you visited the website, and internet service provider is automatically stored such as;

Use of information

  • The purpose of gathering your personal or non-personal information is to keep track of the services our website offers, to respond you about our services you subscribe, and to offer you our special services and products via email.
  • We do not share or hand over your personal data to any third party unless it is necessary to do so by law.
  • We may use this information to contact you for providing up to date information about the services and products which you may already have subscribed or may have an interest in.
  • If you have joined our live forums and want to submit any content for our website, we may publish your content with your basic information after your consent.
  • We use your non-personal information in order to monitor the website usage and to develop our website contents for the convenience of our target audience.

Security of Information

Our aim is not only to flourish the website but also to maintain the liability of our subscribers and audience. We ensure the security of your particular personal and none – personal information. Your information is stored and kept secret until we find it useless for our website. The website processes with your information after your consent or in case, when you click “Yes” on the agreement of our policies at your own risk.

Links to Other Sites

Our website contains links to some other websites. These links are not under our control.It is advised to check out the privacy policy of each link you visit, to ensure the security of your information.


In order to enhance and improve the experience while you click on our website, we may leave “cookies” to your computer. Cookies are small files stored on your computer hard drive that record your interaction usage of websites and make it easy for you to access our website.They enable us to identify the visitors who visit our site repetitively. These cookies will not save your personal information. Habitually browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can avoid these cookies by blocking them in your browser setting.

Privacy Steps for your personal information

  • You can approach us to get information about the data containing your personal and non-personal identifiable information you provide us.
  • You can request any change or correction in your existing data we have.
  • You can even request to delete any information that you never want to share with us about you.
  • You can express your apprehension about the use of any data related to you.


We will keep a record of your personal information until you keep visiting our site or the information may help us in respect of our website development. We can delete your information if no longer useful for us. It is already mentioned that your information can also be deleted upon your request.


We have the right to update or add any change in our privacy policy. In the case of any amendment, the updated Private Policy will be published on our website.


If you have any query, feel free to contact us via inquiry form.