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Relief Stress And Fatigue By Foot Massage

We often feel tired in the legs! Especially on those days when we have to walk a lot on his heels, and generally move a lot. We can not always afford to go to the salon and make it a foot massage, and after a relaxing massage for your feet can not only make your body work better but also feel relaxed and refreshed for a new working day or shopping.And your feet will thank you!

Foot Massage allows relieving stress and fatigue. And it affects the reflex points of feet, which are related to the spine and organs of the body.

foot massage

How do you properly do a foot massage? To begin, you can hover them in hot water and add 2 drops of lavender oil. In ancient Rome, it was considered that such an oil fighting infectious diseases, it heals wounds and fractures. Then find a comfortable place for themselves and, turn on some relaxing music. Now you’re ready for a massage. First, grind the whole foot, moving from the toes to the ankle.Then massage your feet and pads, then carefully promassiruyte skin on the heel. Do not forget about the ankle bone and about them, and about the whole upper part of the foot. To relaxed feet, beneath the feet of the palm and make back and forth motion. Need to massage each finger, heading to the bottom of the claw. Now clench your left hand into a fist, push it towards the fingertip. Right, hand to put the foot on top and press down too. Need to work with your hands alternately. Put your thumbs on top of the leg, and all the other fingers under your foot. Massaging progresses from the toes to the heel.

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