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How to Run in A Right Way

Running – one of the best varieties of exercise for most people: it helps to keep fit, if necessary – to reduce weight, improve overall health, and so on. You can run almost anyone at any age although the presence of health problems should consult with your doctor about how to run properly, to exercise did not bring harm.


How to start running?

Those who only think about jogging, you need first of all to wonder about how to learn how to run. Ideally, you should run 4-5 times a week for at least half an hour, but you should start with a smaller one.

Alternation of running and walking

When a man goes on his first run, it is usually really want to run as fast and as long as he makes it. After all, it seems so simple: you have to run as much as possible, each time increasing the duration of jogging speed and capacity to eventually become fitter and faster. However, the result of such an approach are often injured or, at least, severe muscle aches that can fairly quickly extinguish the enthusiasm of a beginner runner.

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Those who did not run for a long time and generally very little training, it is recommended to start with the alternation of running and walking in a 1:4 ratio – that is, at first during training need to run four times less than the walk. For example, run for one minute, then four minutes walk briskly. This may not seem appropriate, but such training will help you train your body to a new mean for you loads. If you have a relatively good level of fitness, start with the alternation of running and walking in the ratio 2:1.

How to jog?

Jogging, ie, at a speed of less than 9-10 km / h – a common way of running enthusiasts. It has all the same benefits as a real run, with the difference that while jogging you spend a little fewer calories, but the risk of injury is somewhat lower. Jogging is almost the same rules as for a normal run: you just as well to follow the posture and breathing (on running technique described below), but if you jog in cold weather, it is necessary to put an extra layer of clothing.

Ideally, jogging should be just an intermediate stage between a fast walk and run this – it tested many novice runners, but it is better not to stay: it is also useful, but less effective than a quick run.

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Avoid excessive loads

– Your task is to find a good fit, and prevent damage to their health. Therefore, you need to increase the load no more than 10% in one week. Otherwise, you will almost inevitably be stretching, knee pain, and so on.

Let your body lead

Strong tension, discomfort and even mild pain in the muscles – a normal phenomenon faced by anyone who starts to run. But sometimes the body gives clear signals that it is time to stop and rest. These signals include any severe pain that occurs when running. The emergence of a strong, acute pain suggests that you need to take a break from training, at least, three days. If during this time the pain will not work, see your doctor.

Get a good shape

How to run, if you uncomfortable clothing and, especially, bad shoes? It is difficult because without good shape workout may not only be ineffective, but also dangerous. First of all, you need to buy a good running shoe. If sportswear can save, then the shoes need to buy the best what you can afford.

Go to the sports shop, and consult your dealer. Tell him, for whatever surface you are going to run – currently, there are special shoes for different coatings. New shoes are needed to fly every 450-800 km “path.” Regarding garments, the first layer it must be made of cloth, which effectively removes moisture from the body, such properties are possessed by many synthetic materials. If you are going to run in the cold season, should also buy a hat, gloves and a jacket of waterproof material.


Choose a suitable place for jogging

So you can run regularly, this place should be close to home. In addition, during the runs you need to feel comfortable and safe. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different places to run: the treadmill at the gym has a coating which somewhat mitigates the stress on the joints, and it is possible to engage in any kind of weather, but it’s boring and monotonous, especially if you’re running long distances. Jogging in the park or in the woods pleasant and helpful as any exercise in the fresh air, but there may be unsafe, especially at night.

Run through the streets – a good option for large cities, where there are few parks and gardens, but air pollution and rigid asphalt pavement do jog a few more harmful. Venues near schools – a good place for jogging, but they may not be suitable for lovers of long-distance running.

Do not run through the power

If you are very tired, if you have sore muscles, if the body has appeared weak from severe fatigue, do not overpower yourself to run another mile. Stop, give yourself a break. Overrunning will not go in your favor, unless you are ready to compete – in professional and amateur sports have different approaches to training.

Be patient

Not to be expected that after a few runs your body will become noticeably more elastic, and body fat will decrease rapidly. Such change always takes some time. Also, remember that the main result of jogging – it’s your overall health, which, if you’re doing it right, will be much, though gradually improving.


Motivate yourself

After the first wave of enthusiasm will leave for some time it may be difficult to force yourself to go for a jog. Do not just rely on willpower – in the end, she also needed makeup. Make a training plan, print it out and hang in a prominent place. Choose the right time for jogging and music that inspires you to sport feats. Rejoice yourself with something immediately after training: a hot shower (you can buy a shower gel with a pleasant aroma, and use it only after jogging), easy smoothie, a portion of fruit or berries, and so on.

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