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Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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How to Strengthen the Immune System

Since I eat better, I take fresh air, I move, I surround myself with essential oils and I sprinkled my dishes adequate spices, I can count on the fingers of my hand time I got sick in the winter. I listen and follow the recommendations of the experts around me, they even stubborn health! Besides washing hands (ouch! viruses can survive up to 30 minutes on the skin and cling to that which will be wet, so dry thoroughly!), How to prevent or counteract bacteria and viruses that try to enter our home? How to prepare our children? Here beautiful proven ideas collected over the years.

  • Take probiotics (directly or yogurt. Did you know that two-thirds of our immune system are housed in our digestive system? These good bacteria are responsible for watching over him and his functioning; moreover, it is good to know that ibuprofen or aspirin taken more than twice a week can harm it.
  • Open the windows to circulate air and spray water or gin (good perfume fixative) in which will be added a few drops of essential oils of fir, pine or eucalyptus to purify
  • Use a humidifier because the virus more difficult to stay in the air if it contains water droplets; observe a rate of 30% moisture (overtake can cause mold …)
  • Reduce stress which results in the long term, disrupts the immune system. 

For a strong immune system

All these ideas are good for our children and I would add as much to embellish their olfactory memories to multiply the effect of their antibodies, take the time to massage their spine in the evening (or when the weather allows, a few minutes are sufficient):

As I said Khadija, Ph.D. acupuncturist and especially the powerful and revealing treatment, Chi children are on the surface of the body, plus the meridian passing along the back helps tone the whole organs.Just rub gently to circulate. The movement is from top to bottom, on either side of the column (do not do this if your child is stuck because you risk aggravating the problem). I pour in the palm of my hand a sweet almond oil (cooking range) in which I added a few drops of lavender essential oil or if our environment is sick of oregano essential oil (definitely to have in pharmacy, adults can swallow a few drops directly too)

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