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What are Symptoms and Prevention of Food Poisoning

Most often the first signs of food poisoning can be detected in a few hours after exposure to the pathogen. This time depends on what microbes penetrated and in what quantity. Read below about prevention of food poisionin Among the many symptoms of food poisoning can be identified the most common.

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The first thing to pay attention to the places where you usually buy products. It is advised to stop from the stores, markets or large supermarkets. Stick to the rules of storage and cooking. Wash them before cooking.

Before you begin treatment of food poisoning, you should find out the reason for its occurrence. It is very important for the prevention of food poisoning. Remember, what you ate, what could be the source.

Preventions Of Food Poisoning


If poisoning is severe, you should immediately call an ambulance. Delay in this matter is inappropriate. First aid for food poisoning should be qualified and timely. Typically, doctors do recommend gastric lavage. Many refuse from such a procedure. But, in any case, the stomach should be exempt from spoiled food. If there is no diarrhea, you should take a laxative. If yes, what will the dose of activated charcoal?


Diet after food poisoning is an integral part of treatment. Ingestion microbes lead primarily to dehydration. So start food after food poisoning should begin with carbonated water. It must consume at least 3 liters per day. Now, as for foods. No need to list that can not be eaten. This list will be very impressive. Much easier to tell what you can. And it boiled or steamed food. During the first hours after the onset of symptoms should be limited to only water to soothe that “hurricane” in the stomach. The first sensation of hunger can not quench earlier than 5 … 6 hours. After all, the warm water comes rather weak and unsweetened green tea with biscuits.

Symptoms and Preventions Of Food Poisoning

Food poisoning – a phenomenon quite common in modern life. How would all do not want to, but it can not be avoided. Subject to the rules of hygiene, proper selection, and preparation technology products can only reduce the risk of food poisoning, but avoid completely fail.

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