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The contents available on our site including; text, visual images, videos and any kind of data is used for providing you information, not for any medical prescription. For medical consultancy, you should visit qualified medical professionals.

Property Rights

It is clearly stated that First Health Mag owns all the copyrights of this website protected by copyright laws of the USA, its contents, features, and functions. We solely own all the data available on our site, including; textual and visual documents, logos, titles, software, style and appearance of the website design. The First Health Mag reserves all of its rights in contents and online service of our website. You can use this data for information purpose, but you can’t possess any ownership rights.

Prohibited Use of Information

We openly declare that our organization has a right to claim against by law in the case of any commercial, promotional or obsessive misuse of our data. You are strictly forbidden to change, delete, transmit, publish or plagiarize any of our copyright contents available on our site, unless you acquire written permission by our official recruits.If you make illegal use of the contents, you may violate the copyright laws of the USA and would liable for the prohibited use.

Data and Privacy

It has been clearly stated in the Privacy Policy that why and for which purposes we collect your personal information. We keep your information secret and only disseminate it, if necessary by law.


In the case of any placement of an advertisement, you are strictly informed to follow our set rules for the endorsement of advertisements on our site.

It is also stated that we are not liable for the products advertised on our site. We are just responsible for the display of these ads, but not about the dealing process of the third party and delivery of the advertised products. If you click on such advertisement, these third parties may record your personal information for tracking or other purposes.

Complaint Service

In order to reap the benefits of our website and avoiding disputes and clashes, you can avail our complaint services. You can inform us about any prejudicial contents concerning our website.


This clause explains that our authorized bodies have the right to terminate your account or restrict your access to our website if find you indulge in any activity that may subject to abuse or concern to the reputation or trust of our website.

External Links

This clause clarifies that our website may contain external links to other sites. We are not responsible for the contents related to those links. Users are solely liable for using these external links.

Other considerations

  • It is clearly defined in Privacy Policy as well that the material such as; articles, suggestion, letter to the editor or any sort of information, the website has the rights to use it for its promotional purposes and not bound to keep it secret unless you deny our terms or request to do so.
  • You can join the blogs, public forums, or avail any of our services available on our website, but keep in mind that the posts, feedback, and such activities in public forums or communities are not in our control. You should not rely on such posts for medical healthcare and must consult with your medical advisor before implementing them.
  • The website is not liable for the use of any material that is prohibited and may subject to fraud, criminal offense, sexual harassment, violation of rules and plagiarism or violation of copyright rules of any third party website. You are only responsible for the consequences resulted from such activities.
  • The trademark, logos, titles and names used on our website are registered. You can’t use them for commercial purposes. 

Copyright Representative

We respect the copyright laws of other website and expect the same from others. In you find any of our data copied on our site which may subject to the violation of copyright laws, you may inform us. We will respect your concern and our authorized personnel will take notice of this.