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Best Tips for Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Everyone dreams of a dazzling snow-white smile. Constant visits to the dentist can make a dent in your budget, but there is an easier and cheaper way to get rid of the yellow plaque on the teeth. Here are some tips that will help you quickly and effectively whiten your teeth at home.

teeth whitening

Coffee colored drinks, tea, medicines, and cigarettes can leave plaque on the teeth. Food residues remaining in the small cracks of teeth, also lead to browning and yellowing enamel. Whitening toothpaste help to get rid of only minor blemishes that have appeared recently, as the older spots on teeth, the more difficult to remove them.


Home Remedies

In most cases, cheap toothpaste does not help to get rid of stains and yellow plaque on the teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to regularly whiten your teeth at the dentist. Of course, you can try a variety of toothpaste, gels and other whitening agents that are sold in pharmacies, and can choose a simpler and cheaper way and make a natural and effective way to whiten teeth at home.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is very helpful for whitening teeth. Most dentists agree that it is really effective and safe tool that allows you to quickly improve the color and condition of your teeth. You can use baking soda alone or mix it in equal proportions with toothpaste to neutralize the salty taste.

white teeth

Apply the mixture on your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual. Do not press too hard on the brush, so as not to scratch the enamel.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Whiten Your Teeth

This is a simple and cheap way and is available  in almost every house. It is one of the leaders among the home remedies for teeth whitening. Use it with caution so as not to burn your gums. Wash your mouth with hydrogen peroxide twice a day after brushing your teeth or wipe clean with a cotton swab dipped in peroxide. Do not keep the peroxide in the mouth more than a few seconds, as it can cause burns and damage to the oral cavity. Be sure to rinse your mouth with warm water after peroxide and in any case, do not swallow peroxide.


Not many people know that strawberries contain natural whitening agents that are ideal for the removal of plaque on the teeth. Cut the strawberries into two parts and wipe them dark areas. It is also possible to crush the plug berries and the resulting mixture was used as a paste.


After this, you must brush your teeth with sugar-containing toothpaste as strawberries contain sugar and acids.

Wood Ash

It may seem strange, but fine wood ash whitens teeth. This is due to the content of potassium hydroxide in it. Tiny particles of ash help remove plaque. However, wood ash is not recommended for long term use, as its strong abrasion can lead to thinning and damage to tooth enamel. You can use wood ash to whiten teeth both separately and mix it with the pasta.

Home Toothpaste

The easiest and best recipe for homemade toothpaste is taken baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, table salt and regular toothpaste. Mix all together and use as a normal pasta. Not recommended for long term use.

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