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The True Remedy For Stomach Pain After Eating

A vast majority of people fear meal times because of the stomach pain that they experience soon after eating. The good news, however, is that one does not have to continue suffering silently and without hope of ever finding a solution to this ailment. There are many efficient strategies for preventing stomach pain after eating. The unfortunate fact is that a numerous number of people have accepted that experiencing pain in the stomach after mealtimes is a regular part of their lives. It is important to note that there is nothing rational about experiencing pain in the stomach after eating food. Every healthy person should not experience pain after enjoying a meal. Any person experiencing this kind of pain should be aware that this is a health challenge that has got everything to do with their digestive mechanism, and which need’s medical attention and treatment.


Reasons as to Why There is Stomach Pain After Eating

There are various reasons why people do experience stomach aches after eating;

1. Eating Large Amounts of Food Than Necessary

When one consumes more food than the required amount, there is an absence of proper digestion. Lack of proper digestion shall certainly lead to stomach pain after meal, but so shall eating of foods that have been processed. Food portioning, upholding the eating of wholesome food and a beneficial nutritional regime can all be able to thwart stomach distress after consumption of food.

2. Use of Spicy Foods

For those that love eating spicy or hot food, they should be forewarned that such food can cause distress in the stomach. Although there is an increase in popularity for cultural cuisines that have a lot of chilies, it is important to mention that chilies and species contain capsaicin, a chemical that is bound to cause stomach distress.

3. Digestive System That is Intolerant to Certain Foods

Another reason that can cause stomach pain amongst many others is the digestive systems that are intolerant to certain foods. Certain individuals are not able to digest particular types of food. There are those who for instance are unable to digest properly gluten while others fail to digest lactose. Both of these substances are found in animal products and grains. One is therefore advised not to include in their diets food that their digestive systems are unable to digest.

4. Hypersensitivity Towards Certain Foods

Pain in the stomach after consumption of food can be as a result of hypersensitivity to certain food substances that inflame strong reaction from a person’s body. The only solution to this kind of response is the omission of the various foods from your diet that the body is reacting on.

5. The Celiac Disease

Those that suffer from gluten intolerance are said to be suffering from the Celiac disease. Such people when they consume foods that contain gluten are bound to experience stomach pain. The only remedy for such people is to shun foods that contain gluten such as flour products or consume those foods that have no gluten.

6. Eating Food That is Poisoned

Various micro-organisms such as viruses or bacteria’s when found in food end up causing food poisoning. When this happens, then there is certainly going to be serious stomach pain after meals. This poisoning is, however, able to clear up from the stomach once food is eliminated from the body.

7. Various Kinds of Ulcers

Ulcers in the stomach whether stomach or peptic are another reason for stomach pains. They are caused by bacteria’s that make perforations on the stomachs inside layer. Ulcers can be treated with medication.

How to Clear Stomach Pain After Eating

There are several ways of clearing stomach pain;

1. Allowing The Stomach to Rest

no foodTo allow the stomach to rest means not taking any food for at least 24 hours but taking proper amounts of water. When eventually one becomes hungry the advice given is that they consume small portions of food, which consist of fruits and vegetables up to the time that the stomach returns to normal functionality

2. Proper Usage of Antacids

AntacidsAlthough they do not offer a lasting solution to the problem of stomach pain after eating, antacids can give an interim reprieve from stomach pain by rendering the acid that causes pain in the stomach after eating ineffective.

3. Make an Effort to Use a Hot Compress

Hot water bottleA hot compress that is done through the use of a hot water bottle or a hot piece of cloth on one’s stomach can also be a method of clearing stomachache.

4. Massaging of The Stomach

stomach massage

Massaging of your stomach can help in digestion, but if the massage adds to the pain instead of relieving it or getting rid of it, then one should cease from doing it.

5. Take Yogurtyogurt

Finally having a glass or bowl of yogurt which has good bacteria or probiotics can give some reprieve from stomach pain.

When is it Ideal To Visit a Doctor?

Any stomach pain after eating should be able to go away for a couple of hours. If that does not happen then one ought to visit a doctor or any other medical practitioner when

  1. When the pain is too intense and is worse.
  2. When one routinely has stomachache on every occasion after eating.
  3. When you experience some stomach pain that does not clear after a while but instead becomes more severe or intense.
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