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Uses of Essential Oils for Asthma Cough

Asthma is long-lasting or severe inflammation of tissues which causes swelling of lungs and air passages. This leads to wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest, feeling lightness and dizziness, limitations in breath and difficulty in breathing too.

Many natural treatments are available to boot out asthma one of which includes essential oils.


Essential Oils for Asthma

No doubt essential oils do wonders, but it is not always an ideal treatment for asthma. Seasonal allergies may trigger an asthma attack. The ones who already have allergic reactions even from the aroma of these aromatherapy essential oils, for those persons asthma attack triggers for sure.


As a result of using essential oils for asthma treatment, you may suffer from deterioration/shortening of breath and mini attacks while breathing. So, in this case, medical advice must be taken. Also, like some treatments may not work for few similarly these essential oils for asthma and allergies are no exception.

Many people who have asthma use essential oils and benefit from them, but they still may suffer from mild attacks, so an inhaler comes in handy. An inhaler must be there in case a person has a severe attack. Moreover, if you are sure that the scent of the essential oils does not bother you, then you can use it more often because this will limit your intake of synthetic drugs.

For the most people essential oils do support the body systems, but sometimes medications become important too. For asthma, essential oils must be considered as a harmonizing than a substitute treatment. Consulting your doctor is crucial before you start using the essential oils for asthma relief.

Easy on Your Pocket

The asthma treatments available in the market are not at all easy in your pocket. If you do not have any medicinal insurance, then the expenses are not very easy to manage. The greatest risk is that if you do not get proper treatment at the right time for asthma, then you may have to spend a lot later.

Therefore, if you do not have a medical insurance then go or seek for natural remedies. Essential oils for asthma treatment have been in use for a very long time, and nobody denies their benefits.

How Essential Oils Helps Treating Asthma?

Bronchi, the air passages that diverge from the leading windpipes are the airways in the lungs. The asthma patient has irritable bronchi. It reacts negatively to almost anything and in a wide range of conditions. Cold, dust, flu, pets shedding fur or hair, pollen, viruses, smoke, and anxiety or stress trigger asthma. These elements tighten the bronchi muscles which cause contractions and limits the air flow. This condition leads to swelling, redness, and inflammation and constricts the bronchi even more. Also, mucus production is increased, and cough starts.

essential oils for breathing difficultiesEssential oils for asthma help relieve coughing by soothing and relaxing the muscles around the bronchi by dismissing the inflammation or by stopping the production of further mucous. There are general relaxants also available that compose the patient and helps in slow & stable breathing process.

Types of Essential Oils for Asthma Relief

Many people who wheeze, cough and have shortened breaths should use the essential oils as they help manage the asthma attacks. When mucus or phlegm is there in the windpipes or bronchi, then it leads to obstructed breathing patterns. Essential oils for an asthma cough help in the regulation of these substances and helps in normal breathing.

1. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot oil is a multipurpose intervention solving many problems related to asthma. Chinese researchers have discovered that by inhaling bergamot oil steam, a person suffers fewer asthma symptoms. They experimented on guinea pigs and mice, and it worked. Bergamot oil reduces coughing and mucous. Also, ethyl acetate extract from bergamot helps in reducing mucous and inflamed cells in the windpipe. You can use it by adding few drops of bergamot oil in the water pot and bring it to boil, inhale that steam as many times in a day as possible. It also helps to combat depression and reduces weight.

2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

It is anti-inflammatory oil and is considered as the most effective essential oil for allergy relief. It helps in reducing bronchi swelling; Bronchi swelling makes breathing almost impossible. Eucalyptus has many medicinal properties. It also breaks the mucus in the bronchi. Sinus infection is also treated with it.

If there is any particular time in which you are allergic to certain things then just add eucalyptus oil in your diffuser and inhale it with short breaks. This wards off mild attacks and will make your days more pleasant.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is a multipurpose essential oil, and it has menthol which helps in breaking mucous. It also relaxes muscles like the intestinal, stomach, back and acts as a hindrance in the tightening of the bronchi muscles. Put few drops on the pad and inhale it.

Before using it, you have to make sure you are not allergic from scent or aroma of peppermint essential oil.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavandula angustifolia essential oil is the most commonly used oil and is multipurpose essential oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender essential oil reduces the asthma attack inflammation. Moreover, it’s tranquilizing and muscle relaxant and minimizes irritation in bronchi. Regular intake helps in less mucous production and less inflammation in lung tissues.

You can use it by spraying or diffusing it all over your house during that part of the year when you have asthma attacks. When you feel you are about to have an asthma attack, then inhale lavender essential oils steam or pat it on a cloth and directly inhale it.

5. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

It is the most renowned natural remedy against asthma. It has relaxing effects which are a plus point as it acts as a sleep aid as well. Roman Chamomile essential oil helps in soothing the bronchial muscles when a mild attack occurs.

If you feel asthma attack is approaching then put oil in your diffuser and lie down and start inhaling it.

6. Tea Tree Essential Oil

It has a class of its own as it is filled with natural health benefits. Besides being a breathing aid, it helps in soothing the windpipe. It reduces mucous as well and irritation in lungs.

It can be used by putting few drops on wet warm cloth. Breathe it till the damp cloth cools down. Repeat this process till you feel better.

7. Oregano & Thyme Oil

Oregano and thyme are anti-inflammatory both in their oil or powdered usage. It works by decreasing the making of the pro-inflammatory cells and increases the anti-inflammatory compound.

These two can be used in cooking and can be dispersed in the house.

8. Doterra Blended Essential Oils

One more method is to blend oils (lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus) and this will help combat all asthma related issues. This mixture will act as anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and anti-histamine. The strongest base is the eucalyptus.

Also, if you blend, eucalyptus, oregano and Roman chamomile in equal measures then it will solve all the problems related to asthma, and you may not need to use standard inhalers.

9. Frankincense

It has anti-inflammatory and linctus properties. This oil helps in the decongesting of lungs and nasal openings. This oil also helps in relieving stress, confusion, and stress. You can use this oil by rubbing it on the chest and spreading its scent in the air.

10. Clove Essential Oil

Essential oil of clove is known to be a part of the culinary world. Clove also called a flower has essential oil in it. When it is pressed, oil is gained. This oil is of great importance. It not only helps is relieving asthma, but when taken with water it helps stop wheezing, cough and blocking of windpipes.

When And How to Use The Essential Oils?

During the attacks, you should use the essential oils, not when you are undergoing the symptoms or when you are having one. The reduction in the symptoms differs from one person to another and on the kind of ailment as well. It may take few minutes to many weeks.

essential oils for asthma reliefFurthermore, using these oils require cautious behavior and safety. Strong scents generate asthma and its symptoms. So you need to make sure that the oil that you are using is not triggering your asthma. You can also blend your essential oil with therapeutic grade and then it is safe to use in and outside the body.

One another way is to check it before using. You can put one drop on your hand or any part of your body and check if you are allergic to it. If it reacts and you feel allergic, then you can use it with a carrier oil. This way it will be in diluted form.

Some doctors also suggest for the oral intake of the essential oils, but expert healthcare professionals ask not to go for oral intake. One reason being the oils too concentrated and may lead to a stomach problem. Oral intake of these oils may have long or short term effects, and it is not clear that what kind of stomach problems can occur. If you begin to have severe pain or cramps, then you must seek medical help.

Best Essential Oil For Quick Allergy Relief

Two most commonly used natural essential oils are the eucalyptus and peppermint oil. They are both soothing and cooling in nature. If you just only inhale these oils, you will do yourself a big favor because it reduces sinus blocking. This way you don’t need to take medications and or allergy relief pills. Peppermint oil has germicidal property and has a cool effect because of menthol in it. There is a bonus too; it helps in better and deep sleep.

Who To Trust?

If you have no idea about how they work and their properties, then you can consult your doctor for detailed information. Discuss with your doctor if you are already taking any medicines. Also, research and study the brands before buying any essential oil for an asthma cough. Read its market reputation and know about its purity levels.

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