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Possible Reasons of Delayed or Missed Periods

Delayed or Missed Periods is not always an indication of being pregnant. Yes, this is true and there are many other underlying reasons for this. One of the prominent reasons is the imbalance between the estrogen hormone. Another underlying reason is some disease state. Under these two reasons, a woman might not have periods. Apart from this, there will be many times when a woman will not have periods is the onset of periods and menopause. Usually, in the beginning, the body is not prepared nor used to if periods so there will be many times in a year that you might not have periods.


Onset of Periods

The periods generally begin at the start of teenage or usually when a girl hits 10. In the beginning, the hormones responsible for periods will be in an adjustment mode which will cause missed or delayed periods.

On the other hand, the menopause is the time when your body gets weak and all the systems start losing their activity just like the hormones as well. Menopause usually begins at the age of 50 or above. The body usually undergoes many changes and the normal menstrual cycle shifts from being normal to being irregular.

Menstrual Cycle

The cycle starts approximately on the 28th day after having the period. Many women get their periods after every 21 days even. So if you are not in this category then you might be suffering from the below-mentioned conditions:

Underlying Reason of Delayed or Missed Periods

  • Stress

The major reason behind the late or missed period is stress. Under stress, your body undergoes some dramatic changes which can affect your brain, hormonal balance, and your daily routines as well. Stress can disrupt the signals coming from your brain.

causes of missed period

The cycle starts approximately on the 28th day after having the period. Many women get their periods after every 21 days even.

Stress can change your eating habits as well which can shut the menstrual cycle for a while and you might experience from delayed or missed periods. So if you are a victim of stress try practicing yoga and try to relax or soothe your mind.

  • Low Body Weight

Eating has a major impact on your menstrual cycle. Whatever you eat and how you eat can change the menstrual pattern as well. Eating less or weighing low can affect the menstrual cycle. So all those ladies who are suffering from anorexia or bulimia must get a proper treatment to bring the menstrual cycle back to routine or else it might lead to some serious complications in future.

  • Obesity

Your body should be not overweighed nor below the weight so try to maintain your body weight. Being too obese can lead to disturbance in your menstrual cycle. In such situation visit a nutritionist or dietician immediately. Follow the diet plan recommended by your doctor.

  • Polycystic Ovary Symptom (PCOS)

Female body contains estrogen but in polycystic ovary syndrome, your body starts preparing more amount of the male hormone which is androgen. This happens when a cyst is formed on the ovaries thus leading to an imbalance in hormones. This will affect the ovulation.

  • Birth Control

These pills are also one of the major reasons behind late of missed periods. Birth control pills affect the hormones and ovulation. These pills contain a great amount of progestin and estrogen which affects the release of eggs from ovaries. So avoid the use of birth control pills as much as you can.

  • Early Menopause

Early menopause can also be a reason for delayed period. Some women may develop menopause at the age of 40 so as a result the menstrual cycle is shut down. During the menopause, the ovaries lose the power to release eggs and thus causing hormonal imbalance.

  • Thyroid Issues

Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can both be problematic if not treated on time. Your body’s metabolism is regulated by this particular hormone. If you are diagnosed with some thyroid complication then visit the doctor. The thyroid is treatable with the help of medication. So if you are diagnosed with thyroid issues start taking the medication immediately to avoid serious complications.

Above mentioned points are the underlying causes of Delayed or Missed Periods. These causes should be resolved or else they can lead to the severe hormonal imbalance which cannot be cured otherwise.

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