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How To Get Rid of Face Fat Through 5 Effective Exercises



The first impression a person makes on another is usually made through many things, but an important factor is how your face looks like. How beautiful one is most of the time is judged by how their face appears to be, meaning the more beautiful your face is, the more beautiful you are said to be. Many people do a lot of expensive work on their skin, cheekbones, and even their jaw line. In addition to other ways of making our faces look better facial exercises should also be included because they offer a solution on how to get rid of face fat. The many models that grace many cuts walks normally have slim faces but have you ever asked yourself how they acquired those types of looks?  A lot goes through your mind when you mull over such a question and you are bound to ask is there a secret you do not know behind the thin faces. The truth of the matter is that there are no hidden secrets but these people consumed a healthy diet and then added facial exercises, and that is how they ended with the slim faces that they have today. To assist you to acquire a slim face below are five facial exercises that have been tested and proven to be effective.


    chin liftLifting the chin is a great activity that assists you in doing away with a double chin. When this exercise is conducted properly then the facial muscles on the neck, throat and the jaw are stretched. When doing this exercise, it is important to emphasize that the only facial tissue that should be used is the lips. Both the standing and the sitting postures are useful ways of performing this exercise. At the beginning of this exercise, the head should look up towards the ceiling; the eyes should gaze at the roof. The lips should then be made firm by tightening them, held in that same position for 10 seconds and then relaxed. This exercise should be repeated ten times and the holding should be for 10 seconds.


    the fish faceMany of the facial exercises available, the fish face is one of the simplest, it is so simple that it can be done while you do something else such as using your earphones to listen to the music that you love most. The exercise aids in the matching and dispersal of the muscles of the cheeks thus causing a rapid loss of face fat. Both the cheeks and the lips as an important part of this exercise should be sucked in, there shall be a burning sensation on your jaws and cheeks as a result of this activity. The position should be held for 5 seconds. The exercise should be repeated ten times and the holding period should be 5 seconds as had been mentioned earlier. This exercise shall certainly answer the question on how to get rid of face fat.


    lips pullingThis practice of pulling off the lips is part of the many activities that are done in yoga. When it is often done, it can raise the facial muscles and remove everything that is on the face that makes you look old. It can restore youthfulness to your face along with raised cheekbones and a jawline that stands out. You can start the exercise from either a standing or sitting posture and your head in just in the usual standard position. The lower jaw should be pushed out so as to facilitate the lifting of your lower lip. The jaw line and the chin muscles are bound to feel stretched. The same posture should be maintained for a minimum of 10 seconds or a maximum of 15 seconds. The exercise should be repeated ten times and the holding period should be for 10 seconds.


    blowing in the airThis exercise can provide a solution to plummeting of the double chin and the removal of the chubbiness of the cheeks. It is one of the facial exercises that can bring the desired change on almost all the facial muscles and very effective for how to get rid of face fat. Some of the facial muscles that are positively affected by this activity include the neck, jaw and cheek muscles. This practice unlike the plastic surgery provides a natural facelift and provides for an appearance that is devoid of excess fat. The exercise should be done while sitting on a chair and the spine should be in a straight position.  The head should be bending backward and looking up at the ceiling. The lips should be pulled forward, and you then proceed to blow air from your mouth. You should prolong this exercise for a few seconds and then rest. The exercise should be repeated ten times and the holding period should be a maximum of 10 seconds.


    jaw releasingThe jaw release exercise happens to be the best remedy for the reduction of the double chin; the cheekbones are raised, and the jaw line becomes very attractive. The exercise stretches the facial muscles around the cheeks, jaws and lips. Either the standing or the sitting postures can be good points from which to start this practice. Your jaw should be moved in a manner imagining that you are chewing something while at the same time maintaining your lips closed. You should hum and at the same time be able to breathe in deeply and then breathe out. The tongue should then be pressed against the teeth at the bottom even as your mouth remains wide open. This position should be maintained for 5 seconds and thereafter you are required to breathe in and out. The exercise should be repeated ten times and the holding period should be 5 seconds.

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