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What are Causes of Food Poisoning?

Causes of food poisoning are quite simple, and at the same time to write about them is difficult. Easy is to describe the mechanism of toxicity. Difficult to isolate the foods that cause this condition.

The main cause of food poisoning is germs and bacteria entering the body with food. Also, poisoning may cause poisonous chemical compounds in the products. The question arises, what products most often poisoned?


Vegetables And Fruits

Poisoning these products are the most common. Especially in the summer. Often they contain residues of chemicals used in growing (fertilizer, pesticides). Sometimes poisoning causes improper storage. Vegetables and fruits are perishable from the heat, they develop the bacteria causing the poisoning.

Meat Products

This is another serious “risk”, primarily associated with certain conditions of storage and preparation. On the meat, which is a long time out of the refrigerator, multiple intense pathogens. Especially for chicken.


Mushrooms Food poisoning is one of the most difficult. Sometimes minutes ahead. Unfortunately, there are cases of fatal mushroom poisoning. This occurs because some noxious fungi are very similar to edible. Easy to make a mistake. But even the familiar edible delicacies can be a source of danger if collected in ecologically unfavorable areas. For example, near the roadway, railway, large industrial enterprises. Even damaged or worry edible fungus can be the cause of food poisoning.


Consumption poor or rotten fish very often becomes the cause of poisoning. Should pay attention not only to the technology of preparation but also in terms of product storage. The process of decomposition of fish allocated very toxic substances.


Even home preservation may be the cause of food poisoning. It is known that there are bacteria that multiply in a vacuum under the cover banks. This fact should be noted. Do not consume food that conservation, which covers bulged or have traces of rust on the inner surface.

Milk And Milk Products

Prolonged storage of milk and dairy products in particular, at high temperatures, can cause the development of staphylococcus. Products non-plant origin. The probability of food poisoning such products linked to violations of manufacturing technology and storage. This may include a violation of the factory and the packaging, shelf life is exceeded, the use of quality raw materials and components do not comply with sanitary rules and norms in the industry.

Causes of Food Poisoning and Solution

Separately want to stay at the moment of the correct storage of food. And very often we break these rules. Left on the stove in the summer just cooked soup , not just tucked away in the fridge salad – a favorable environment for rapid microbial growth, and as a consequence, food poisoning.

Also, the cause of ailments may be poor hygiene in the preparation and consumption of food. From school all remember the slogan “Wash your hands before eating,” but not all strictly follow it. And the quality of products, shelf life, and manufacturing technology courses darkened the face of this, pardon the expression, sloppiness. Bacteria from the hands very quickly get into your body, and frustration provided.

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