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Music Heals the Soul and Body

Music Heals the Soul & Body – it’s a constant part of our life, which often serves as the background of our activities. With the advancement of technology, it became possible to listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere. Nevertheless, over time, the quality of music has changed dramatically, and today to the “works of art” can even classify a set of sounds, not only unbearable and unpleasant but also harmful to the human psyche.

Influence of music on people devoted a lot of research, but even every one of us, from personal experience, knows that music can comfort us or strengthen aggression trigger memories or stimulate the imagination, to soften or harden. All depends not only on the product but also the environment in which you listen to it, from the environment and mood.

Music Heals The Soul – Therapy

Knowing about the effect of music on people, it began to be used in medicine, calling it music therapy.More Pythagoras, Aristotle, and Plato said that music sets the order and harmony in the whole universe, including the lack of harmony in the human body. A thousand years ago, music was treated patients nervous and mental diseases.

In this century, interest in music therapy significantly increased, scientists and doctors have sought to use music as a means to relieve tiredness and fatigue, as well as to enhance human performance.

It was determined that the music has effects not only on the central nerves system but also on respiration and heartbeat as well as the function of muscle and digestive systems. Marsh used to stimulate the activity of soldiers, and restaurants often present music, because some products may change the acidity of the stomach.

Tempo, rhythm, pitch and dynamics of a musical work, the tools on which it is executed – these are the factors that can have a positive impact on the listener, and negative. This, in particular, is often used in the film – to the background music helped create a certain mood of the audience, emotional state, or cause feelings of euphoria.

 Classical Medicine

At the University Hospital of Munich it is found that daily listening Beethoven and Mozart leads to a significant improvement in the health status of patients and their rapid recovery, so added music therapy to the medical treatment of patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In some hospitals, Holland practiced music therapy of diseases of the cardiovascular system and found music heals the soul.

“The Mozart Effect”

The attention of researchers is “Mozart Effect.” It has been experimentally proved that the music of Austrian composer enhances human brain activity. Scientists have conducted testing of students, one of the groups which listened to Mozart’s work for 10 minutes. It was from this group of students the results were higher than the rest. In addition, a known case with the French actor Gerard Depardieu.In his youth, he suffered from stuttering, but the doctor advised him to listen to the music of Mozart every day for at least two hours. A few months later a future movie star recovered from his illness.Examples of therapeutic effects in the world very much.

Study of the influence of music on human rights continue to this day, and scientists often result contradict each other. Now on the shelves of music stores and on the Internet you can find many compositions with “therapeutic” or anti-stress music recording classical works.

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